Helping build bridges to opportunity


The CSI Internship provides an opportunity for youth to gain project management skills our partners are critical to the experience. 



Mayor's Office

Public Safety & Hope SF

From outreach to placements to funding wages, the Mayor's office has been an integral partner. Deputy Chief of Staff Paul Henderson and Hope SF Director Theo Miller looked beyond the words  public safety and  focused on the addressing root causes- truancy, income inequality, trauma 

SF Human Rights

Staff & Commissioners

The Human Rights Commission opened supported a cohort for five weeks, providing space and staff to work with the youth. The youth learned about the Fair Chance ordinance and explored outreach strategies. 



President Suzy Loftus and Chief Greg Suhr made a commitment to the program and youth participating. The Commission and SFPD dedicated time and resources to the project, believing it beneficial to hear youth recommendations and implement them. 


Community Partners

youth development & Support

Offering youth a chance to earn money during the summer only lasts for the summer; we seek to create lasting experiences. Community partners support skill development, case management for trauma or behavioral health issues and connect youth with other resources they might need. 

Industry Partners 

Tech , culinary, Education, STEM

Our industry partners provide placements for youth, visits to their sites and professional expertise. Whether it's understanding their digital footprint on their future or navigating networking and thinking about first impressions. Comcast, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn offered weekly visits, projects and mentors to the CSI interns.