Community Safety Initiative

The Community Safety Initiative (CSI) is a joint program of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and Collective Impact, a community-based organization in the Western Addition.

Collective Impact has spent nearly a decade developing and implementing strategies that connect youth with opportunities to succeed on their own terms, influence their communities, and transform the ways they are viewed.

The Community Safety Initiative (CSI) works to create a safe place for underserved youth to learn, live, and dream, without the fear of ridicule, judgment or low expectations. The CSI program provides support and resources to develop community engineers who can build bridges, pipelines and pathways for themselves and their communities to reach a better future. Youth develop skills, build relationships, and learn about careers in law enforcement, technology, hospitality, and other industries positioned to address issues around diversity and equity.



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Executive Director Sheryl E. Davis was featured in a Black History Month podcast.


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